Bay Area Now 8 Interviews

Porpentine Charity Heartscape

 Q: You are in Bay Area Now, your second -enial type exhibition. Beyond these two, what is your experience of these types of overview exhibitions? Had you been to many Whitney Biennials or Bay Area Nows?

A: They had snacks.

Q: I get the impression (maybe wrong) that your community is not necessarily one of the 'art scene' or at least not in the typical sense of that phrase. Who do you consider your peers? Your community?

A: All the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground--everything that has the breath of life in it. Plus a big shout out to the milf community for having my back. \m/

Q: These shows can be stressful to pull off. Are snacks a good enough reason to do another one of these big things?

A: Paying rent is my passion.

Q: This love for life in the broad sense is evident in the work of yours I've seen, in contrast to holding firm to the binary of animal or human. How do you deal with that binary seeming so dominant?

A: I swing my muscular lizard tail!!

Q: The wikipedia page for Porpentine lists among your various exploits you being a 'curator'. Do you identify with this role? What are the responsibilities of a curator?

A: To fix mistakes. But the hardest way to do a job is with that job. Sometimes one can only do the work outside of the work.


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