Jen Shear @ Gern en Regalia

Joan's World
en Shear

September 21-October 20th, 2019
Gern en Regalia
151 East Broadway, New York

Near and far
I searched for my twin star
In the multiverse A sunfly
sings high
notes that float up to the sky

Jennifer Shear (b. 1987, Taipei) is an interdisciplinary artist using collage and self-publishing as her primary medium. Her works explore visual culture, archive, social commentary, and personal experience.

Shear is currently based in Los Angeles and has shown nationally and abroad. She’s exhibited with Kunstverein München (Munich), Mascot Studio (Berkeley), Anytime Dept (Cincinnati), Interstate Projects (New York), Commune (Tokyo), Yale Union (Portland), Low Rence (San Francisco), and Ladybug House (San Francisco). She’s also curated for NIAD Art Center, and collaborated with The No School, Wide Rainbow, 356 Mission, and The Classroom at the LA Art Book Fair.