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Cleo Fariselli @ Almanac

Cleo Fariselli

September 21 - October 20, 2019
Via Reggio 13, 10153
Turin, Italy

Almanac presents Dancing, a solo exhibition by Italian artist Cleo Fariselli.

The installation investigates light as the premise to the visual existence of the world, its archetypal and imaginative role in defining the relation between subject construction and its projection into outer realities and entities.

In the middle of the space, a mirrorball, composed by sharp irregular fragments, rotates in silence lit by spotlights. Suspended in mid air, it recalls a kernel or the nucleus of an atom in the center of an empty volume.

This dangerous celestial body is moving slowly in a dark surreal dance hall. Its shiny pop nature, in between sculpture and interior design, is broken by the threat of the blades that compose it.

The shattered mirrors that form the globe’s surface reflect the beams of the spotlights in irregular compositions - constantly in motion. These images cut through the darkness of the space, appearing in the surrounding of the sculpture: over the walls of the room and the bodies of the audience - which, in turn, are mirrored and multiplied in the mirrorball. The sculpture stages a game of reflections and alterations between inside and outside, scales and perceptions. Through light, it questions the stability of a perspective - of seeing and being seen.

With the ambiguity of the shapes and movements reflected by the sphere, the work becomes a device of wonder and astonishment, projecting an outer world like a carousel or magic lantern - acquiring the unknown nature of a constellation or an aurora.

The precariousness of the structure, its uneasy and harmful materiality, evoke the igloos by Mario Merz or the broken mirrors by Pistoletto - an ironic reference to Arte Povera for being Cleo’s first solo exhibition in Turin. At the same time, its sharp moving edges question the role of art as form of entertainment and its violence.

The light, its dazzling reflections and the double that creates, trigger an osmotic exchange between inner and outer realities where, at once, we lose and find ourseves in the unstable images projected by the mirrorball.

ALMANAC INN is supported by Fondazione CRT and Compagnia di San Paolo.