Amen, Thanks Computer God! @ Freddy

Amen, Thanks Computer God!
Harry Gould Harvey IV & Jesse Sullivan

June 30th - August 19th, 2018

Freddy is pleased to present Amen, Thanks Computer God!, a two person exhibition of new works by Rhode Island-based artists Harry Gould Harvey IV and Jesse Sullivan.

Harvey and Sullivan's friendship, which began in Newport, back in 2010, has remained generative to both artists' practice. This exhibition represents the culmination of an almost decade-long dialogue between the two.

Harvey presents sculptures made from foraged wood and clay. These raw materials are skillfully crafted into unusual narratives that oscillate between formal abstraction and philosophical rumination, a style The New York Times recently distinguished as, "tramp art à la Brancusi." Sullivan, on the other hand, presents thickly applied oil paintings on canvas that depict atmospheric scenes of architectural structures, cartoonish animals, and blank computer screens.

Both artists explore their complex relationships to antiquated technologies, public architecture, and the power dynamics of the CEO/GOD in the workplace/church. Sullivan's paintings are the frescoes on the walls of Harvey's chapel.