Haynes Riley @ Brittany

Grand Opening
Haynes Riley

April 6 - June 15, 2019
801 Sacramento St
Vallejo, CA 94590

◦ Breathe in through your nose for a count of four, feel your belly expanding.

◦ Hold that breath for a count of seven.

◦ Then blow out through your mouth for a slow count of eight. If you can, put your tongue behind your bottom teeth and making a whooshing sound as you exhale.

◦ Sit comfortably. Then, take 30 power breaths. Use short, but strong breaths like you are blowing up a balloon.

◦ Afterwards, draw in your breath once more fully, but without effort. Then, let the breath out. Hold until you feel moderate discomfort.

◦ Take a deep breath…

◦ Sit comfortably with your chin slightly lowered.

◦ Open your mouth, extend your tongue out slightly. Curl the sides of your tongue so it looks like straw.

◦ Breathe in slowly through the mouth and over the tongue. You should feel the coolness of your breath as you do this. Hold your breath for a moment.

◦ Then, exhale slowly through the nostrils.

Haynes Riley (b. 1984 North Little Rock, Arkansas) is an artist, curator, designer, and founder of Good Weather. Past solo exhibitions include An attitude you can wear at TOPS (Memphis) and Always at The Hills Esthetic Center (Chicago). Selected two-person exhibitions include Familiars with Katie Wynne at Sediment (Richmond) and Homie Sapiens with Layet Johnson at Thea Foundation Center for the Arts (North Little Rock). He has been included in group shows La Mesa Brutal at Arturo Bandini (Los Angeles), Read Image, See Text at Cranbrook Art Museum (Bloomfield Hills), Fence, curated by Ron Ewert, as part of The Great Good Place, a multi-layered set of collaborative exhibitions organized by Brandon Alvendia, at Threewalls (Chicago), and Document V at The Luminary (St. Louis), among others. Riley has organized exhibitions through various platforms, including, The Bedfellow’s Club, Girl/Boy Gallery (which he founded while participating in the Ox-Bow School of Art Fall Artist Residency), and independently. He has an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and recently studied at The Mountain School of Arts (MSA^). Riley lives and works in North Little Rock, Arkansas.