Nina Wiesnagrotzki & Maximillian Schmoetzer @ From the Desk of Lucy Bull

Nina Wiesnagrotzki, Maximillian Schmoetzer

From the Desk of Lucy Bull
Los Angeles

Inspired by Lucy Bull’s short-legged table, which resembles a Japanese chabudai and serves as a place for collective dining, gambling or working, Nina Wiesnagrotzki’s 5-part human-scale and -shaped carpet series is named after the five founders of the Japanese feminist magazine Bluestocking (青鞜 Seitō) that existed from 1911-1916. Two sculptures by Maximilian Schmoetzer are presented alongside Wiesnagrotzki’s works. An altered model of a Lockheed L-188 aircraft and a vintage paper cup by the erstwhile Eastern Air Lines containing a deceased starling, take cues on forensic ornithology, airport securitization and recent changes in environmental legislation in the US.  

Nina Wiesnagrotzki and Maximilian Schmoetzer, born and raised in the Bavarian Alpine Foreland, currently live in Berlin and Brooklyn, NY. Their last duo show Alembic Growl was hosted by Komplot in Brussels. Recent shows by Wiesnagrotzki include Corner Case at Limbo, Berlin (solo); the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial and a duo show with Mindy Rose Schwartz at Room E-1027, Berlin. Recent solo shows by Schmoetzer include And then masses of detached stones and other accessories common to the genre. at Room E-1027, Berlin and Bird of the Year 2022 at Ashley, Berlin.  

From the Desk of Lucy Bull (FDLB) stemmed out of a desire to create an intimate space for viewing art. Artists are invited to present work with the understanding that it will be lived around, specifically in the setting of a studio/bedroom. The insistence of the desk as the exhibition space has encouraged artists to create site-specific work.

Ultimately, FDLB aims to allow a shift in people's behavior, prompting the passive spectator to become an active participant. FDLB is open by appointment, at any hour of the day.