Martine Syms @ Sadie Coles HQ

Martine Syms
Grand Calme

September 6 – October 20, 2018
Sadie Coles HQ
62 Kingly Street
on W1

Talk and performance with Colin Self

Monday October 1, 5pm

On 01 October at 5pm, Sadie Coles HQ will present a talk and performance between Martine Syms and the artist and composer, Colin Self. Based between New York and Berlin, Self’s art – often performative – explores contemporary themes of subjectivity, gender, and societal transformation, working with groups and communities across disciplines and practices. The participatory event will see Syms and Self explore alternative approaches to communication and engagement through an open and improvised dialogue within the gallery space and with audience contributions welcome.


+ (1|The world is crumbling and depressing, how can I feel happy about anything.)
- It will be like the first warm day after a brutal winter and you greet the sun on your face. <send>
Close my eyes and pretend I don’t exist. <send> <delay seconds=5>
I want to “cultivate a sense of privilege.”

+ (2|Kanye sliders.)
- I’m That Bitch. I did some cocaine and was worried I kept taking

too much in the rotation. <send> <delay seconds=5> When I don’t work I start to slip away.

- Vaporizer or bong?

+ (@Vaporizer)
-I want to get rid of the interface the phone and just talk without having to dial.

+ (@Bong)
-I forget what else happened, great parties, lots of shrooms, saving one hit for the weekend. I went to this one meeting totally high. It was the perfect use of drugs.

* <get q> == 1 => {@ question1}
* <get q> == 2 => {@ question2}

- + question1
- - I hate how someone can just insert themselves into your life. <send> <delay seconds=5> Suddenly you’re thinking about them and wondering what they’re doing, wanting to chat, share things. <set q=2>

- + question2
- - It seems like I have to fight for little scraps while everyone else gets the whole world and by everyone else I just mean white people. <set q=3>

- ^buttons ("My horoscope is like bitch CALM DE FUCK DOWN.","Last week I texted My Husband about grabbing lunch or dinner. He didn’t respond for about ten minutes then asked 'Do you want to go to Mexico...?'")

Sadie Coles HQ is delighted to present the gallery’s first exhibition with Los Angeles-based artist Martine Syms.

All images copyright Martine Syms, courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London. Install photography: Robert Glowacki