SF Art Book Fair @ Minnesota Street Project

(A quick note: this is the first bit for the site other than show images. It is in no way indicative of the style of what is to come unless looking back in six months it turns out it was)

I'm sitting at a desk having snuck by the SF Arts Book Fair this morning and taken a bunch of photos to share. I thought early yesterday that I'd get to the opening night preview and knock this out but no, obviously not - the fair was packed and I was mostly at my own table in theory trying to (as Aaron) get folks to buy my roughly edited books and (as Et al.) get people to buy the other books and objects we had with us and (as a host) help to feature and sell things brought by Julia M. Leonard who herself brought books by Solano Archives... long story short I settled on this morning as a way to run through the thing and what follows are some highlights.

The SF Arts Book Fair is fantastic. In its third year it still has the same super positive spirit that it did on day one, somehow. Not to be missed if you see this and there's still time, otherwise look up some of these publishers maybe and don't fuck up next year.