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Ivan Iannoli @ Bass & Reiner

An Exhibition in Three Parts
Ivan Iannoli
July 27th - September 29th, 2018
Bass & Reiner
1275 Minnesota Street, Suite 207 & 211
San Francisco, CA 94107
Opening Reception August 4th, 5-8pm

Ivan Iannoli’s Exhibition in Three Parts began as an experiment in show construction, where rather than staying static for its duration it would change periodically according to the artists wishes. Kicking off at Galeria Enrique Guerrero in Mexico City this past April with a show of multi-layered small framed composites, it now moves stateside for the remaining two parts.

For part 2, Iannoli will occupy both Gallery 207 and Gallery 211 in Minnesota Street Project, filling the spaces with an assortment of sculptures, video installations, and composites that explore a spectrum of representation and viewership. Part 3 will commence at the end of August in Gallery 207 with a rotating series of works that will be moved and changed several times per week to draw new relationships between works and provide different insights for the audience.

Ivan Iannoli is a San Francisco based artist and educator. He received His MFA from UCLA. His work has been exhibited widely, including Photo LA 2015; Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles; PØST Gallery, Los Angeles; and SIA Gallery, Sheffield, England. He is currently on the faculty of the San Francisco Art Institute and the California College of the Arts.