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In Your Court @ Jennifer

In Your Court
Sara Andreasson, Coco Magnusson, Niels Munk Plum, Anna Slama + Marek Delong, Julia Sjölin, Klara Ström


Jennifer is an exhibition space in Kvibergs Kaserner, Gothenburg, run by artists Sara Andreasson and Klara Ström. Jennifer focuses on young, international, non-commercial art and will show a program of solo shows during the coming year. Jennifer’s inaugrative exhibition In Your Court is a one-night-only group show in the outdoor gym in Kvibergs Park, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Jennifer has invited a group of exciting, young artists to work site specifically with the outdoor gym and the park. In Your Court connects our project locally and invites a larger target group of those who circulates in our neighborhood as well as art-interested to see an exhibition in a place where art is usually not in focus. In Your Court will be a playful experiment and an exciting starting point for Jennifer.