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Mitchell Algus, Ernst Yohji Jäger, Maggie Lee, Clair Morey, Nikholis Planck

May 13 - June 23, 2019
19 Monroe St., New York, NY

"I am the people’s point of view, a cow,
the tropical wind, I sleep under the surface. I am the aristocratic carnivore, I eat form. I drum on cooks’ white caps, I drum on their

aprons, I am the green integration, water flows into the infirmary, there is ice on the boots made of damp. Little drums, flooding Styx, little snouts, a dog snarls in the picture.

A churned temperature, a door, I threw the gold ring into the boiling oatmeal. Here is autumn, destiny has the same sphere, pedestrians stink. New snow falls on snowballs.

The meadow is soaked, scarlet coats,
the air whirls, the thicket whirls over the desert.
They beat carpets, the color gets up with the sunrise. More people will see me, with sunrise I become morning."

Drums - Tomaz Salamun, 1996


Mitchell Algus has held solo and group exhibitions at 47 Canal, New York, NY, Bodega, New York, NY, Kerry Schuss, New York, NY, and Pat Hearn Gallery, New York, NY. His eponymous gallery has been in New York for 25 years.

Ernst Yohji Jäger lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Recent exhibitions include Comfortable hole bye, 4649, Tokyo, Observatory parking (2016), COW, Los Angeles, HARSH ASTRAL: The Radiants 2 , Green Tea Gallery at Francesca Pia, Zurich, Carved and shaped by proximity, Pina, Vienna and Can they be that close, Justice, Vienna.

Maggie Lee studied at Pratt Institute, lives and works in New York. She has exhibited internationally at spaces including Real Fine Arts, Whitney Museum, Greene Naftali, Lomex, 356 Mission, Arcadia Missa, and has an upcoming solo shows with Edouard Montassut in Paris and solo booth at Liste in Basel.

Clair Morey lives and works in Brooklyn NY. She received her BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design (Columbus, OH, 2014). Morey has held a two-person show with Sam Branden at No Place Gallery (Columbus, OH, 2017), and participated in group shows at Space Heater Gallery (Brooklyn, NY, 2017), Sherrie Gallery (Columbus, OH, 2018), and At Large Gallery (Brooklyn, NY, 2019).

Nikholis Planck lives and works in New York, NY. He has recently held solo, two-person, and group exhibitions at Magenta Plains, New York, NY (2018); 14a, Hamburg, DE (2018); May 68, New York, NY (2018); Signal, Brooklyn, NY (2017); Rachel Uffner, New York, NY (2016); Neochrome Gallery, Turin, IT (2016); Simone Subal, New York, NY (2015); KARMA, New York, NY (2014); sophiajacob, Baltimore, MD (2013); and the Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, MD (2012).