EXE @ Lick Brick

Bora Akinciturk, Pasha Bezor, Vitaly Bezpalov, Theodore Darst, Arthur Golyakov, Bernhard Holaschke, Tea D. Stražičić, Stas Tocka, Vanya Venmer


February 22 - February 24, 2019
Lick Brick
Krasnodar, Rusia

Tonight, while I was getting ready to wrap the little girl in a plastic bag so I could throw her in to the river, as I am used to doing in such a case, she suddenly emitted a desperate sigh. Pained, prolonged, the S in Sèvres whistled between her teeth as if she had already suffered some sort of intolerable sorrow over her next abandonment. An immense pity squeezed at my heart. I hadn’t done justice to the humble, harsh charm of this child. I threw myself on her, covered her with kisses, repentant as an unfaithful lover. I went to look for a brush in the bathroom and began styling her hair, which had become flat and broken; I rubbed her body with oils, perfumes...

Sound by Mikhail Kurilov - LINK